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Vishal Physio is that you get quality treatment with latest physiotherapy equipments and above all personal care by our team. We enhance the speed of your recovery by latest manual therapy techniques like mobilization, massage therapy, trigger point therapy, manipulation etc. Every patient is personally attended by Dr. Vishal. The centre remains open from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm from Monday to Saturday. So you can attend your physiotherapy session at ay time of your convenience. Vishal Physio is just 0.5km from Amritsar railway station and just 2.00 km from bus station.

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  1. Rishabh Khullar says:

    Great to see Dr. Vishal climbing the new apex day by day.

    He is a great physiotherapist and a great healer. I’ll say he’s the BEST. His ways are prolific and avant-grade. The best thing about him is his knowledge. He is far too brilliant. He diagnosis you so efficiently that you go home salubrious.

    Even visiting this website will relieve the mental stress of patients caused due to their ailment because they see that there is a great physiotherapist siting in Amritsar to heal them, to pull them out of the blues of their ailment.

    I met with an accident, twice; broke my elbow once and knee ligament the second time. But all thanks to Dr. Vishal, I’m again fit ‘n fine. He helped me on my phone calls also.

    Dr.Vishal himself is a very boisterous and exuberant personality. I’m runnung out of words now; he’s a great human, simply.

    Visit ‘n Witness.

    Happy Healing.

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