Don’t just take our word for it. Here are what our past and present clients have said about the Physiotherapy services we have provided.:

Great to see Dr. Vishal climbing the new apex day by day.
Mr. Rishabh Khullar
He is a great physiotherapist and a great healer. I’ll say he’s the BEST. His ways are prolific and avant-grade. The best thing about him is his knowledge. He is far too brilliant. He diagnosis you so efficiently that you go home salubrious.

Even visiting this website will relieve the mental stress of patients caused due to their ailment because they see that there is a great physiotherapist siting in Amritsar to heal them, to pull them out of the blues of their ailment.

I met with an accident, twice; broke my elbow once and knee ligament the second time. But all thanks to Dr. Vishal, I’m again fit ‘n fine. He helped me on my phone calls also.

Dr. Vishal himself is a very boisterous and exuberant personality. I’m runnung out of words now; he’s a great human, simply.

Visit ‘n Witness.

Happy Healing.

… Mr. Rishabh Khullar

I would like to thanks Dr. Vishal for his outstanding professionalism, care, concern, and courtesy during my cervical spondylitis treatments at vishalphysio.
Mr. S. K. sachdeva
Being highly knowledgeable in his field of manual therapy, all of the treatments and exercises ,he chose for me, whether at the clinic or as home program, were designed to help heal problem. They have worked for me tremendously.

Dr.vishal has always taken the time and patience to provide me with excellent care on an individual basis, with a focus on my overall recovery. Again, I am very thankful for having had him as my physiotherapist, and because he has gone above and beyond to make sure that I was properly cared for during my physiotherapy sessions at vishalphysio, I do so highly recommend that he is recognized for a job well done.

… Mr. S. K. sachdeva

I got my shoulder fracture very badly”Aside from the PT . My injury has not only caused me pain and discomfort, but it has also Vishal Khannaturned my life a bit upside down in terms of work, relocating, and not being nearly as active as I’d like to be. Nevertheless, you each give a friendly sense of comfort and empathy, which has made recovery immeasurably better. The atmosphere in the PT space makes patients feel relaxed and able to rehabilitate physically, and mentally as well.

I’ve observed your interactions with other patients, and know how comforted I feel being there. Attitude is the biggest factor in our health and healing, and you each have such a positive one daily. It’s contagious, keep it up! Thank you for everything.

… Vishal Khanna

I first contacted vishal Physio about 6 months back after a major accident involving multiple fractures. AmitFollowing 2 and a half weeks in a hospital bed and 6 weeks with my leg in a cast my muscles were severely weakened,foot drop after hip surgery and I still had a lot of symptoms from the trauma . After 8 weeks of excellent manual therapy, massage and exercise programs most of these symptoms are gone, well in advance of the predictions of my surgeons.

The whole team are always friendly, professional and willing to go the extra mile to help. I have no doubt that without Dr.vishal’s help I wouldn’t be back at work so early.

… Amit

Having suffered from low-back problems for many years, I’ve tried all sorts of exercises/treatments in an effort to relieve the pain.
Mr. Gurvinder singh
I became very depressed, especially when my Consultant told me that the exercises I had been doing for years were not the right ones, and that I should be concentrating on core dynamic stabilising exercises instead, which at the time I had never heard of. The Consultant then recommended that I look for a physiotherapist who specialised in sports injuries, and so I found my way to vishal physiotherapy. I cannot speak too highly of the professional care I have received, and due to a combination of the right exercises , mobilisation and as required, my back is much better these days. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending vishalphysio to others, and indeed have done so many times over the past few years.

… Mr. Gurvinder singh